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Im in a benevolent mood.

I want to follow more peeps. Message and I’ll rate your blog and possibly follow back. If I already follow you send me a blog you really love and ill do the same.

boobsandbooks asked: You are beautiful and I love you.

Ah! this is from so long ago but it made me feel so nice and fuzzy because I miss this girl so much!

Thank you. I heart you as well.

willytherat asked: Why did you change the name of your blog from adderall + acid to God BETA?

Omg, I know this is probably a question from a while ago but I only use the mobile app and well, it sucks. Anyway, I really like oneohtrix point never and still life betamale really spoke to me. So I choose betagod as sort of a nod to that video and the concept that the internet is becoming like a religion.

Cable TV


Get ready for these great upcoming new shows on your favorite cable TV channels in 2011!


Short AND Fat!

Large Cupcakes!: Cupcakes The Size Of Full-Sized Cakes!

Too Many Kids!

Uh Oh, I Taxadermied My Stepson!

Not Enough Kids!

Kate Plus Some Muslims! (Miniseries)


Come to Alabama and I’ll show you where America’s asshole is located. It spits out sjbs every hour on the hour.